Wednesday, July 6, 2011

रबीन्द्र नाथ की कुछ कहानी

“The Postmaster”   

Q. What do you think is the chief elements of the story – The  Postmaster? 

This  is a touching story of a city-bred young man working as a
postmaster in a remote village to earn his bread and butter. He lives
here more out of compulsion rather than a choice. Rabindranath’s
finely crafted poetic narrative brings out the haunting home-sickness
of the educated young man at a place where he finds no suitable
companion as well as the mellow natural greenery and serenity that
encompasses him here. On the other hand, the despair and agony ऑफ़
Ratan, the young orphan girl who foolishly identified her kind master
as her elder brother as he took a personal interest in her, has also
been worded very artistically in this moving story. This the
postmaster did partly to pass his long leisure which hung heavy in his
hand and partly not to be distracted by the memories of his near and
dear ones who were in Calcutta. When the moment of parting finally
came, and when the postmaster, having felt a bit of compassion for the
servant-girl, offered her recommendations and money, Ratan was
rendered heart-broken. Having believed that she was going to find
genuine love and a home sooner or later, the offer of money burned the
very core of her being. Bursting into tears, she ran away refusing all
the help. 
        The postmaster despite his not so little feelings for Ratan realised
with a heavy heart that no lasting relationship was possible with her.
Finally, as his boat begins sailing swiftly and the village of Ulapur
recedes further in the distance, he tries to find comfort in the
thought that “there are so many separations and deaths” in the world. 

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